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Grant Wyeth
1 min readSep 10, 2023



I’ve been picking up a few followers here so I thought I should mention that I have moved my work to Substack.

On Substack I provide a weekly newsletter on my activities for the week or commentary on issues from the week. Plus a curated list of articles and/or podcasts from the week. And themed playlist.

I also write essays on issues of political philosophy or social commentary.

All the content on my Substack is free to read, although financial contributions are welcome (I am currently working less days at my day job to dedicate to building the Substack).

You can find the Substack here — A Bridge Adjusting To The Water

I also have a second music Substack called Lunch Hour Pops.

Following me there will be far more worthwhile than here on Medium. Where I will only post to direct people to my Substack.

Thanks for your interest in my work!




Grant Wyeth

I am a Melbourne-based writer. I am a contributing author at The Diplomat and write a weekly newsletter for Australian Foreign Affairs. Twitter: @grantwyeth